Where does 85% of our happiness come from?

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Are you happy?

If the answer is a wholehearted YES, then that’s fantastic… celebrate, sing from the rooftops, do more of what you are already doing …

…and if your answer was ‘Mmm I could be happier…’, see which of the following you think is the answer to the question in the title…

So where does 85% of our happiness come from?The Road to Happiness

Is it:

A) Career success

B) Things – nice house, nice car, nice ‘things’

C) Relationships

D) All three of the above

E) None of the above

Well, according to studies does in Canada and reported by Brian Tracy, Canadian author of  ‘The Psychology of Achievement’, the answer to this question is… C.

He believes that 85% of our happiness comes from our interactions and relationships with other people.  The other 15% comes from doing work that we enjoy, pursuing goals that have meaning, achieving things etc.  Now of course we can combine these, for example, we can increase our  happiness by doing work that we love, with people we respect, like and relate well with.  The key point he makes is that most of our happiness comes from how successful relationships make us feel.

So, here are six things we can all do to increase our happiness in our relationships:

  1. Free your heart from hatred / jealousy – this emotion can literally burn you out
  2. Free your mind from worries – (Look out for the post on worry coming soon)
  3. Live Simply
  4. Give more
  5. Expect less
  6. Come and learn NLP in January

OK… so I added number six…but I have found that NLP helps me be happy, and many people do call it ‘life changing’.  It is a positive psychology that among many other benefits, helps us understand and enjoy our relationships in so many ways.  It can also help us enormously when interacting with others when giving  presentations.  If you are keen to understand what makes you tick, discover new ways to get the best from yourself, meet like minded people, communicate more flexibly with others, and have a lot of fun in the process, be at one of the courses in January!

So what’s coming up?

  •  One day presentation skills course, Presenting Effectively and Powerfully,  different from many other presentation skills courses, it is chock full of NLP tools to help you transform your comfort and skill in presenting.
  • NLP Diploma – four day intensive course that gives you a great understanding of what NLP is and practical tools for great communication with yourself and others, personally and professionally.  No pre-requisite training required and no pre-study.
  •   NLP Practitioner – eight day (2 modules) intensive, CD assisted course, of which the Diploma is the first four days, followed by a second four day module that builds more skills and tools.  No pre-requisite training required.  Pre-study work is given for this course.
  •  NLP Master Practitioner – fourteen day (in 4 modules) intensive, CD assisted course, that takes your NLP to the next level.  NLP Practitioner qualification is the pre-requisite.  Pre-study is given for this course.

I honestly value NLP as the best thing I have ever learned.  Do come and find out more –  join me in January!

And here is Brian Tracy in a 2 minute YouTube clip talking about what makes us happy:


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