What Is Your Preferred Communication Channel?

Read each question in turn and circle the letter, a, b, or c of the answer that applies to you.

1. What would make you suspect that someone was lying to you?
a)  The way they look at, or avoid looking at you
b)  Their tone of voice
c)  A feeling you get about their sincerity.

2. How do you know that you have had a good day at work? b) A productive meeting or good news over the telephone
a) A clear desk or a ‘things to do’ list with everything ticked off
c) An inner glow, a smile and a feeling of satisfaction.

3. What kind of activity do you prefer on holiday?
c) Lazing on a sun-drenched beach, swimming to cool off
b) Attending a concert or a lecture on local culture and history
a) Seeing the sights and local colour, visiting a museum or art gallery.

4. Which of the following groups of hobbies/interests appeals most to you?
a) Cinema, photography, interior design
c) Sport, sculpture, cookery, gardening
b) Playing a musical instrument, listening to music or a taped book, singing.

5. Which telephone programme would you prefer to watch?
c) A wildlife programme
a)  A programme about painting or art
b)  A pop/classical concert.

6. Which would you prefer as a celebratory treat?
b) A personal dedication on the radio
a) A weekend break to somewhere you have never visited before c) An outing to your favourite restaurant with good wine and good company.

7. Which would be the best way for you to unwind at the end of a trying day?
a) Watch something relaxing
c) An aromatherapy massage
b) Talk to a friend.

8. Which of the following groups of careers most appeal?
a) An artist or designer
b) Lecturer, telesales or customer liaison
c) Gardener, nurse or counsellor.

9. If you want to thank or reward someone for doing you a favour, which of these would you do?
b) Telephone them
c) Give them a present
a) Write them a thank you note.

10. Which magazine would you be most likely to pick up and read?
c) DIY, sports or creative crafts
b) Music or current affairs
a) Fashion magazine or National Geographic.

Add up your scores by letter and record below:

a)  ……………………………… (Visual)

b)  ……………………………… (Hearing or Auditory)

c)  ……………………………… (Feeling or Kinesthetic)

So, what does this mean?

The Communication Channel with the highest score is likely to be your most predominant way of communicating with others. When someone communicates with you in your preferred channel, it looks, feels and sounds right and results in people saying things like ‘Now you’re speaking my language!’

Understanding how to adapt your communication to fit another person’s favoured channel creates great rapport and instant connections, leading to outstanding relationships at work and in your personal life.

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