The Muffin Man

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Remember the story from the last blog, ‘The Other Mountain’ about the homeless man and the muffin…well this morning on my way back from early morning yoga, I bought another huge, warm, freshly baked, blueberry muffin, again to share with Garry for breakfast.  This is quickly becoming a habit I am noticing, and we all know it takes 21 days to form a new habit (thinking of the effect on my waistline now!)…I hesitated at the door of the health food shop (it was gluten free at least) and went back and bought a second one.  (In case the homeless man was in the subway – you’re ahead of me on this I know).

When I got to the subway there were people milling about everywhere and I looked through the crowds to see if he was there – and he was.  So I went around the people to give him his muffin.  As I got close to him, I paused, as a young woman went up to him, crouched down beside him and said ‘good morning, I have brought you some coffee and breakfast’.  She smiled and looked at him and he said ‘thank you’ and smiled back.

When I gave him a muffin last week it wasn’t like that.  I got embarrassed in the heat of the moment, and put the muffin down beside him, quietly said ‘I got you a muffin’, then hurried away without giving him eye contact.

What a difference – it made me think about style – not just what you do, but how you do it.

So, thank you to the young woman with great style and a good lesson for me at 8am in the subway (learning comes from the most unexpected of places, doesn’t it!)

I am ready and waiting to have a nice interaction with him the next time I have the opportunity to give him a muffin.  And you might be wondering what I did with the spare muffin…

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