The Most Irritating Body Language Gestures – Do You Use Them?

To build on the last newsletter which focused on ‘six sloppy speech habits’, I thought it would be fun to look at the body next!  We all use body language when we express ourselves, and much of it is unconscious and habitual, out of our awareness in the moment.

More than half (55%) of the impression we give to others comes from the way we use our body, 37% comes from our tone of voice when we speak, and only 7% comes from the actual words we say.  Scary isn’t it…and if the three match then we are sending a consistent message, but if they don’t, then the other person will believe our body language and tone before they even entertain listening to the words!

A study commissioned by Goggle Eyes, the iphone game, was recently reported in the press stating that there are ten top irritants (not including obscene gestures) , so click here to find out what they are.

Top ten irritants:

  1. ‘Speech marks’ – you might intend it as a way to demonstrate humour or add emphasis to a word, but it is the gesture most likely to irritate.
  2. Extending palm outwards to mean ‘talk to the hand’
  3. Tapping your finger to your nose for ‘none of your business’
  4. Touching fingers to thumb a number of times to mean ‘blah, blah, blah’
  5. Making a pistol with your fingers
  6. Punching your hand to suggest violence
  7. Pointing at your eye for ‘I’m watching you’
  8. Making a phone with your hand to say ‘call me’
  9.  A fake yawn
  10. Slicing your throat with your finger.

However, not all hand signals received the metaphorical thumbs down.  Wiggling an imaginary glass to ask for a drink, or shushing someone with a finger to your lips was seen as useful.

And I am curious as to how many of you reading this tried out the gestures?  At least in your mind’s eye if not with your body!

So, although gestures are a great way to get your message across quickly, be choosy as it doesn’t take much for a gesture to become cheesy!


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