Don’t Worry be Happy – Stress Management Short Workshop

Do you find that your mind can be ‘all over the place’ at times?  That you find it hard to relax and be present in the moment?  Would you like to know how to ‘switch off’ at night and feel negative emotions less?

Mindfulness can have make an amazing difference … and yet it can be difficult to pin down what it actually is!  Curious to find out more?Come along to this afternoon workshop to find out what mindfulness is and how to do it, in a lighthearted, practical way.  

Stress means different things to different people. You may feel it’s too much work or too little. Perhaps it’s a deadline or maybe you can’t function without one. Stress may result in a loss of appetite or the desire to over-eat. It may encourage you to worry and become withdrawn or to become loud and angry. If you would like to have more balance in your life it is important to understand stress and some simple tools you can use to create more peace and harmony for yourself and others.

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to develop their own personal strategies for managing and reducing stress, anxiety and worry to achieve a happier life.

What’s included in the afternoon programme?

  • Understanding exactly what stress/worry is
  • Developing an understanding that reactions can be chosen and changed
  • Recognising the signs of stress or habitual worry in yourself
  • Identifying strategies such as mindfulness, yoga and breathing for managing your own stress/reducing your worrying
  • Practicing these skills to make an immediate difference to the way you feel

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