State Management

‘State’ is a term used in NLP to describe what a person is experiencing, consciously and unconsciously, at a given moment.

Here’s the good news: our state changes throughout the day. We tend to remember highs and lows but it is impossible to stay in a ‘stuck state’ for very long.

Here’s the bad news: our state changes throughout the day.  We cannot hang on to any of the good states indefinitely.  They too will pass.

Someone may say they are ‘always focused’ but this state is likely to fluctuate over minutes and hours, depending where they are placing their attention.

We all enter and change our states naturally as we move through time.  An unpleasant emotional state can make us feel like a victim, experiencing something beyond our control.

Our state triggers our ways of thinking and behaving; a well known NLP presupposition is that…

‘State is everything’

It influences our decisions, governs our emotions and can affect our health. Some states are more resourceful than others and when we gain more control, we are able choose our state of mind instead of responding as we have done in the past. This has a powerful positive effect on how resourceful we are.

How is it done?

NLP techniques allow you to:

  • Recognise your state and shifts in state
  • Understand the underlying meaning of a state and recognise its benefits or drawbacks
  • Access resourceful states and learn how to transfer them to situations where you have felt less resourceful in the past
  • Learn how to maintain useful states in order to remain focused
  • ‘Anchor’ a state so you can access it in the future

What difference might this make to me?

  • You become more self-aware and more in control
  • You become able to choose your responses, feelings and emotions in any situation
  • You are less likely to become ‘stuck’ in an unresourceful state
  • You develop an ‘early warning system’ that you can use to recognise an unresourceful state

State management skills benefit all areas of your life. They have the power to improve your career, your personal relationships, your health, and your happiness.

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