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When I first arrived in Melbourne, nothing was familiar.  Naturally, everything was different.  I expected that.  What I hadn’t expected was how I would feel about not having the things around me that I am familiar with.  For instance; not having a phone that worked  (forgot to get my iphone unlocked before leaving the UK – won’t do that again), having no internet connection in our apartment, and therefore no emails- all things technological!  It gave me a feeling of being out of control – I do not like this feeling.

People that know me well will know that technology is not my favourite thing at the best of times – what with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, updating my website (thank God for my book on WordPress and my friendly web designer, Russ Ayres), Spotify (What IS that??)…there is so much to do and learn…I have always been much more enthusiastic about doing the coaching and training, rather than the technology side of my business.

So, being here, with time on my hands, I want to say that I have EMBRACED MY FEAR, shaken hands with it no less, and stepped into the unfamiliar world of blogging, and not only that, but have shared the blogs on Facebook and Twitter…(round of applause please).

I am rather proud of this small (big for me) achievement.  So, when a blog or newsletter pops into your inbox from Axiom, it would be easy to delete or not read it, but…wait a second…stop and think…how long did it take me to put it together (Oh Dear God) with my fledgling skills…

So, where is the silver lining, or indeed the cloud, I hear you think…  Well, the cloud is the feeling I get when faced with something unfamiliar that I feel out of control about (and my desire to run away from it).  I do not like this feeling as I said before.  The silver lining is that I have now overcome this feeling (yay!).  I would not have done this in the UK as I would have busied myself with other things, justifying to myself that I don’t have time (been meaning to blog for about 3 years and never quite gotten around to it).

So…my learning is:


Let’s be thankful for our clouds  because without experiencing them and overcoming them, we wouldn’t get to experience and appreciate our silver linings.  So, my question is… stop and think…what cloud could you be more grateful for, and what silver lining can you get from it?

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