Sensory Acuity

Communication is a continuous loop of both verbal and non-verbal messages that are largely unconscious.
By increasing our awareness of the non-verbal clues we can quickly build rapport with people, and develop greater awareness of the shifts in the emotion behind the words allowing us to:

  • Receive more information than we can by listening alone
  • Be more aware of the unconscious information we are imparting ourselves
  • Understand other people’s reactions to situations/stimuli
  • Understand our own reactions to situations/stimuli

According to a University of Pennsylvania study by Robert Birdwhistle in the 70’s, communication is broken down differently from the way most people expect. He concluded that only 7 percent of communication takes place verbally. About 38 percent of communication is through tone of voice and about 55 percent of communication takes place through physiology. This means that approximately 93 percent of what we communicate is done unconsciously and not through our words.

Developing sensory acuity allows us to increase our understanding of the unconscious feedback we receive from others and also have greater perception of our own responses.

When you gather information from other peoples’ communication using all your senses, you gather more information and become better at ‘reading’ people. Similarly, when your own words are supported appropriate body language and tone of voice, you become a more compelling communicator.

The process of recognising and interpreting unconscious communication is called calibration. You learn to notice the changes in things like:

  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Eye focus
  • Skin colour
  • Voice tonality

By learning the process of calibration, you become aware of the subtle changes in a person’s physiology and able to more accurately interpret what these represent.
Developing your sensory acuity will increase both your own self-awareness and your awareness of other people in terms of what you and they are communicating.

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