Selling with NLP

Establishing great rapport with prospective and existing clients is not a nice-to-have – it is a must. This training develops your sensory awareness and responses so that you can build successful sales relationships Customers expectations have evolved. The way they now expect to do business requires sales people to interact, demonstrating a highly sophisticated blend of rapport-building and confidence-inspiring interpersonal skills, coupled with an exceptional technical knowledge and the ability to impart this knowledge with sincerity. A tall order.

Who should attend

Anyone who would like to develop their communication style to enhance their achievement of consistent sales performance.

What is included in the two day programme

  • Developing sensitivity to the verbal and non verbal signs that customers give out
  • Enhancing your skill in building instantaneous and lasting rapport with customers by matching wherever they are in style, interests, values and expectations
  • Creating an openness in your receptivity to feedback about how you are being received by customers
  • Understanding the unconscious filters that people apply when receiving information and finding the right way to communicate with the individual in front of you
  • Using strategies for maintaining a positive emotional state
  • How your beliefs are your on/off switch to your ability to succeed and how to change beliefs that are not supporting your achievement outcomes
  • Understanding how you ‘see yourself’ can dramatically affect your success in sales and learning tools to make changes to your thinking patterns

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Axiom Training » Coaching http://t.co/w1oJ1PM3zT - very insightful at such a tender age. NLP Training dates out for January!