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In June this year Garry and I joined ten other yogis on a fantastic yoga and health retreat in the Andalucian Mountains in Spain with our teachers Phyl and Suzanne.  The Cortijo (villa complex) that we stayed in is a beautifully renovated salt mine, the home of Steffi and Steven and a wonderful place where yoga, health and nutrition, cookery and art retreats take place. It is nestled in the mountains alongside olive groves, fantastic views and nothing else for miles. We intentionally had only one car between fourteen of us, meaning that we completely relaxed at the Cortijo and enjoyed our surroundings in the mountains for the week of our retreat.

One very hot, sunny afternoon, when we were lazing by the pool, (after having done a vigorous yoga class of course), an extremely weak puppy came in through the gates of the Cortijo.  She was badly dehydrated, with laboured breathing, thin, covered in ticks and fleas and in a very sorry state.  I did wonder at that point if she would make it.  I also thought that when she walked through the gates into the Cortijo it must have been like walking into an oasis for her: shade; water; food; support, hope…

So, we were immediately thinking, what could we do about this puppy? Could we help her?

On closer examination we realised that she must have somehow escaped from cruelty as she had cuts under her front legs where she had been chained to something. She was also very passive, rolling onto her back when anyone went close to her … to avoid getting hurt, we think. She had learned how to protect herself.

She became the focus of our discussions and two of our group (Suzanne and Keely) fell in love with her and decided that they would like to offer her a new home back in the UK.  At this point, they weren’t sure if this would be possible, but within a couple of days of phone calls with local people, they had organised a trip to the vet, a pet passport, and made arrangements for her transfer to England.

They named her Luna, because she arrived at the Cortijo on the day of a full moon.  Luna continued to recover, becoming bolder and more playful as she got stronger, and then after three weeks in quarantine, she began the long journey to the UK.   She moved in to her new home and is now happily with Keely and Brian, and their beagle, Pia (whose nose was just a tiny bit out of joint, initially!) with regular visits from Suzanne.   There have been some gains and some losses…

Luna has gained some weight, has lost her shyness, and is bringing so much joy to her new family!

Isn’t it wonderful that there is so much positive energy around this puppy whose life seemed so hopeless only a few weeks ago. Don’t you just love happy endings!

If you have a story about how something/someone helped changed your life or someone you know, please share your story by making a comment. I would love to hear your story… and here is Luna, all smart in her new collar – isn’t she adorable.



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