Psychological Assessments

As part of a coaching programme, it can be very insightful to engage in one or more psychological assessments to enhance your understanding of your own strengths and development areas, and to initiate enlightening coaching conversations that will help you get the best from your coaching.

Linda is a qualified practitioner in the following three psychometric assessments:

Baron EQi 2.0:

This online assessment provides you with a newly updated emotional intelligence report, measuring the key areas of self perception, self expression, stress management, decision making (where emotions are involved) and interpersonal skills. All of these softer skills massively impact leadership, personal and interpersonal performance, and can be moulded and developed throughout life. Because emotional intelligence lives in the limbic part of the brain which responds to motivation, feedback and practice, any focus on this area in the coaching can be easily noticed and appreciated by others experiencing the effects of conscious behaviour change.

MBTi – Myers Briggs Type Indicator:

This online questionnaire measures your preferences in the way you energise yourself, seek and understand information, make decisions and organise your lifestyle. Understanding the combination of preferences that make up your ‘Psychological Type’ can help you understand what makes you tick and give you valuable information on how you can relate with others for the best possible outcomes, in relationships, teams, on the board, and at home.

Personal Directions:

This fascinating psychometric assessment provides you with the opportunity to explore your natural motivational drivers, examine how these have affected the choices you have made in different areas of your life, and consider what actions you might wish to take as you look forward to your future. This can be extremely helpful in managing periods of change, and in making career choices.

To find out more and discuss which psychometric assessment might be the best investment as part of your coaching programme, contact Linda on info@axiom.uk.com
For larger assessment programmes, Axiom works in partnership with Sixth Sense Consulting, who as business psychologists have a deep understanding of the complexities of human behaviour.

Sixth Sense know how to translate their insights into advice that is strategic and practical and as coaches and experts in leadership development know how to help individuals achieve lasting change.

They can help you take the risk out of selection decisions through accurate, in-depth assessment.

They develop management teams through co-created leadership development and senior talent programmes.

For more information, please visit www.sixthsenseconsulting.co.uk

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