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Then Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can help you on your journey to achieving this. NLP began by studying the best communicators and has evolved into a systemic study of human communication. It has grown by adding practical tools and methods generated by modelling exceptional people. These tools are used internationally in sports, business, training, sales, law and education.

NLP is more than just a collection of techniques. It is also a way of thinking, a frame of mind based on curiosity, exploration and fun.

If you are inspired by the idea of knowing and understanding how to live your life in line with your passions and want to find out more about how you can enhance your life by enhancing your communication both with yourself and others then click on the NLP courses that Axiom can offer to start your inspiring journey.


NLP Diploma

This unique and dynamic four day programme is designed to uncover what it is that makes the best communicators the best, and how you can apply that knowledge in all aspects of your own life!

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NLP Practitioner

Adding a further four days to the NLP Diploma to achieve a Practitioner level of understanding and also a formal qualification in NLP, accredited by ANLP. A noticeable addition to your lifestyle and your CV!

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NLP Master Practitioner

Becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP offers you the opportunity to integrate and advance your Practitioner skills. The path to mastery can be trodden by all who are willing to commit the time, energy and passion. Mastery takes experience, practise and perseverance. Enjoy the journey to becoming masterful with NLP!

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Selling with NLP

Establishing great rapport with prospective and existing clients is not a nice-to-have - it is a must. This training develops your sensory awareness and responses so that you can build successful sales relationships Customers expectations have evolved. The way they now expect to do business requires sales people to interact, demonstrating a highly sophisticated blend of rapport-building and confidence-inspiring interpersonal skills, coupled with an exceptional technical knowledge and the ability to impart this knowledge with sincerity. A tall order.

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NLP Practice Groups

Informal participative practise sessions for Diploma holders and above

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