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Becoming a Master Practitioner of NLP offers you the opportunity to integrate and advance your Practitioner skills. The path to mastery can be trodden by all who are willing to commit the time, energy and passion. Mastery takes experience, practise and perseverance.  Enjoy the journey to becoming masterful with NLP!

How is the programme structured?

This training is a 14 day programme, delivered in four modules over four months. The training focuses on the business and coaching applications of NLP and is supported by a set of NLP Master Practitioner CD’s and Master Practitioner NLP Questions and Manual – which you will receive in advance to study before attending the interactive face to face training, which will concentrate on practical exercises and experiences to integrate your learning.

There are three components to the training:

  • Pre-study
  • Interactive 14 day training (in four modules over four months)
  • Assessment and certification

Who should attend?

Qualified Practitioners who are looking to take their existing NLP knowledge and understanding of how and why it works so effectively, to far higher levels. If you want to learn new invaluable tools and information and build on ways to work with NLP with ease; also if you are looking to experience a personal breakthrough, which helps you clear limiting beliefs and move forward in areas of your choice.

What is included in the programme

  • Advanced Language patterns – using sleight of mouth patterns (masterful linguistic reframing), changing beliefs conversationally, and the language of time to influence change
  • Values (the unconscious blueprint for everything we do and the structure of our personality) elicitation and utilisation- learn when and how to intervene for maximum change
  • Values conflicts – discover how to remove them ,why organisational change often fails to be sustained – learn how to make it stick
  • Metaprogrammes (the most unconscious of our filters which determine how we do what we do) – discover how to elicit them in others, use the related language of influence, and how to change them if appropriate
  • Understand how to use metaprogrammes and values to sell more and recruit better – talk the same language as your client
  • Advanced submodalities – submodality interventions for eliminating compulsions, controlling pain and using the brain’s own language to create sustainable changel
  • Advanced strategies – explore further how to elicit and utilise strategies, how to change, design and install strategies, and how to use the logical levels of therapy process to change ineffective strategies
  • Modelling – how to model excellence in others and then install it in yourself
  • Modelling Project – Choose someone to model and create a project during the course
  • NLP Presentation skills – Create presentations that will connect with your audience at an unconscious level. Practise these skills by presenting your modelling project to the group
  • Beliefs – Understand more about beliefs and their structure, learn additional tools to change beliefs
  • Identity – understand your own and how to expand identity with yourself and others
  • Time line coaching skills – learn how to use time line to unhook negative emotions attached to past events
  • Personal breakthrough sessions – learn how to take a detailed personal history, to conduct a breakthrough session that will help anyone to a new level of consciousness, and experience this for yourself on the programme
  • Learn how to provide the breakthrough session experience for others

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