NLP Diploma

This unique and dynamic four day Diploma programme is designed to uncover what it is that makes the best communicators the best, and how you can apply that knowledge in all aspects of your own life!

How is the programme structured?

The programme is designed to be fun and highly interactive so that you can learn and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience at the same time. This investment in yourself will help you to discover your personal power as a clear and effective communicator, not only with others but also your communication with yourself.

Who should attend?

Anyone who communicates and builds relationships with others and who wants to see a dynamic transformation in their communication style.

What is included in the programme?

  • Understanding the sensory ways we receive and process information.
  • Identifying your natural communication style, so that you can adapt to communicate well with others.
  • Getting absolute clarity in your goal setting to achieve great outcomes.
  • Identifying and working on limiting beliefs to become empowering beliefs.
  • Understanding how to achieve true rapport.
  • Learning how to anchor a positive resourceful state and recall that state when you most need it.
  • Tools to interrupt negative thinking patterns and refocus your mind.
  • State is everything – understand and manage your emotional state so that you can glide through situations resourcefully.
  • The Neurological Levels of Change tool – using it to gain insights and build stronger alignment to focus on achieving your goals.
  • How to give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Tools for solving problems and generating creativity.

Next Steps?…

If, after achieving the Diploma, you wanted to take the next step with your NLP, the next step on from the NLP Diploma is the NLP Practitioner certification.  To upgrade your Diploma certification to NLP Practitioner is a further four days of face to face training, and includes pre-course study.

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