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Coaching is about continuous improvement and change, and change comes from a dream of something better.  If you talk about achieving something, it is a dream.  If you plan it, it becomes possible.  And when you plan, and take action with the support of a coach, the chances of success are even higher.  Coaching engages your imagination and at the same time is immensely practical in the real world.

Think of your life as a journey down a road.  If you change direction, even slightly, you start to move towards a different destination. If you are tempted to think that it’s such a small change, it’s hardly worth making – think again.  The longer you maintain that change, the further away from your original road you will travel.
‘Life is a series of small decisions’ that can make a world of difference when maintained.  NLP coaching uses NLP Communication tools that are tailor made for coaching and help make lasting sustainable change in the chosen area of your life/work.

Coaching can explore many areas, including:
  • Career direction, purpose
  • Leadership style, values and emotional intelligence
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Confidence
  • Communication style and presentation style
  • Presence and impact
  • Stress management
  • State management
How might you know when coaching is right for you:
  • You know there’s a specific issue that must be resolved
  • Something isn’t working, a situation feels stuck – no solution
  • Success or happiness in some area seems to be eluding you
  • Your career or work/life balance requires re-evaluation
  • You want to improve certain skills, attitude, or state of mind
  • Feedback indicates help is needed
  • You are experiencing stress in an area of your life
  • You feel confused, uncertain, lacking in confidence
  • You have to deal with a particular problematic relationship
  • You need help handling an emotional or health issue

What’s involved?

You set the agenda for each session by choosing what is most important to focus on. All sessions consist of talking and discussing the specific issues, the probable causes and best possible solutions. During the coaching process, Linda may invite you to engage in specific exploratory exercises, and direct your attention to finding your own internal answers. When necessary, Linda may share relevant information or teach specific skills. Occasionally some outside work is suggested.

Coaching can be arranged in a number of ways, session by session, face to face or on the telephone, or as a programme over several months. Prices will vary depending on what is chosen as the right programme for you.

Please call 0044 (0)1256 469023 or email info@axiom.uk.com to discuss options.

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