NLP and Yoga

We all want the best from our minds and bodies, both at work and in our personal lives.

When body and mind communicate effectively with each other, they create a balance and harmony that allows you to experience increased energy, greater levels of focus and clarity and suffer less tension and stress.

The fusion of NLP and yoga helps you to understand how both your mind and body currently work for you, explore the things you would like to change, identify any areas of mental and physical stress and learn how to manage and improve these. Our bodies reflect our minds and vice versa, so this two-pronged approach can be an incredibly powerful way to enhance the enjoyment and achievement in our lives.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone wanting to explore the mind-body link, improve their self awareness, resilience, gain increased ‘presence’, improve posture, increase confidence, feel more relaxed and be more mindful of the messages they express through their body language.
No particular level of fitness is required to take part, and any pre-existing conditions will be taken into account.

What is included?

There are two options, come to the new Mind-Body Confidence workshop, which is a day course from 10am – 4pm . . . see the flyer below or go to the easy reference point on the Axiom home page for details of the next date coming up.

Mind-body Confidence flyer

Or, meet with Linda for a one-to-one session . . .

The two hour one-to-one sessions include:

  • Discussion about the changes you would like to make, identifying where you are not yet achieving the results you would like, resulting in establishing clear coaching outcomes
  • Analysis of your current body language, breathing patterns, posture and presence
  • NLP coaching to increase your awareness of how your mind and body work together, using NLP Communication tools to give you more flexibility in the way you approach situations, relationships, projects, presentations etc
  • A practical yoga session tailored to your individual needs

… achieving a mind/body experience that can help you move forward, freeing up where you feel ‘stuck’ both mentally and physically.

For more information and to book a session, please email info@axiom.uk.com

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