New Year…New Start…New Yoga Class!

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The statistics are bleak: only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions stick to them, and those who don’t usually abandon them after just one week.


  1. Because setting a goal is a conscious activity
  2. Because willpower is a conscious activity
  3. And…over 80% of our brain activity is UNCONSCIOUS!

So what can we do to overcome this?  Try this RAP process below:

  1. Review your accomplishments from this year. Take your top three and
  2. Analyse – ask yourself ‘Why was that important to me?’ ‘What made it possible for me to do this?’ and ‘What happened as a result of me doing that?’ Feel good about these accomplishments and
  3. Plan for more success going forward. Decide on your resolution and create a really positive image in your mind of you achieving it, and a really negative image of what the consequences could be of you not achieving your goal. This is called ‘towards pleasure’ motivation (positive image) and ‘away from pain’ motivation (negative image).  A mixture of ‘towards’ and ‘away from’, in both images, words and thoughts, is considered to be one of the most effective ways to stay motivated towards a goal.

One of my personal examples is that last year I set a resolution that I wanted to floss every day.  Using a mixture of ‘towards pleasure’ images and ‘away from pain’ images in my mind, I have achieved my goal every single day.  Yay!!  It works!

And another tip is to take this ‘towards and away from’ motivation strategy, and insert it into a procedure you are already doing.  So to follow through my example from earlier, my floss is kept with my toothpaste, so I see it every time I go to brush my teeth.

So, how does this link to yoga?  Well, the Yoga flyer below is for you to print, if you would like to, and put somewhere prominent so that you are often reminded that a new class is starting in January.

Maybe you have always wondered what yoga is like and you fancy creating a new habit?

Or maybe you would like to build on your existing practice ?  –  either way, it would be lovely to see you in January.

My New Year’s resolution for this year is to be more mindful at least once a day, whether just to appreciate nature more, or the food on my plate, my health, feeling happy, a kind gesture or word, or even smaller things that I may not have even noticed before. What’s yours?

Please leave a comment below to announce your New Year’s Resolution – public announcement is also helpful!

Happy New Year!


Yoga with Linda Flyer



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  • hutch


    I am not going to be so selfish and think of my family first especially my wife


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