Eye Accessing

Everyone communicates differently and processes information in their individual way. People may not be aware themselves of how they do this, so noticing and being able to interpret the unspoken clues of a person’s eye direction, and what that means for the individual, gives us more information about how they are doing their thinking. It’s another tool for reading non-verbal clues and making communication more successful.

Eye accessing allows us to see whether someone is imagining a future or past event, internally re-playing or creating a sound, talking to themselves or paying attention to how they feel.

Learning to notice and interpret eye movements can help you create rapport with others and improve your influencing skills in all area of your life. Whether at work with colleagues and customers, or in your personal relationships – this NLP skill will increase the effectiveness of your communication.
So what are the eye movements and what do they mean?

So, using the above model, someone looking up and to their left may be recalling something they have seen, someone looking down and to their right might be checking how they feel and someone looking horizontally left may be remembering something they have heard.

It’s worth remembering at this point that not everyone is the same! This is a starting point only, and as with all NLP skills, it is necessary to be ‘calibrated’ with the other person so you understand their individual subtle behaviours and what they mean for them personally.

Once you begin to be able to recognise other people’s internal processing language, you can create a faster connection with them, communicating with them in a way that reflects their own model of the world. You will understand better what is happening internally for other people and increase the flexibility of your own communication.

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