Do you have any books on sex?

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I know I have been a bit quiet the past month, so here I am now with the final update on our recent adventures as we have now booked our flights back to England, arriving at Heathrow on the 9th November!

We have had a lot happen in different ways since coming back from ‘Tremoring Tokyo’, see below for our highlights and lowlights:

  1. Beau – on 13th September, I met a young man called Beau, on the bridge outside our apartment block, who was in a very difficult situation with no home.  I introduced him to Garry, and to cut a long story short, we offered him a place to stay to help him get out of the ‘stuck’ situation he was in.  He immediately started looking proactively for work, and his mindset brightened considerably.  Within two weeks he had got himself a job and all was going well.  He did the job for almost two weeks and we were really hoping for a happy ending, but unfortunately something happened that we are not clear about, and the job didn’t work out, Beau went downhill and ran away, emotionally and literally, leaving all of his belongings at our apartment.  We don’t know where he is now and he doesn’t answer his phone.  Such a sad outcome – we are gutted.
  2. Ebba – Another young man who came into our lives this month is Ebba, a 24 year old guy from Ethiopia.  My friend, Deb, from Tai Chi introduced me to him by email as he is interested in learning NLP.  He is a truly inspiring person and he runs a radio station in Ethiopia aimed at helping young people.  He offers advice and tips on healthy relationships and positive thinking, and has received messages from many listeners to say that he has saved their life with his messages of hope and a happy future.  Ebba celebrated his 24th birthday a couple of weeks ago and instead of receiving gifts, he asked if people would give blood instead at the Red Cross HQ.  51 people went there on his birthday and gave blood.  He did the same last year also, and also raised enough money to feed 1000 homeless people a meal.  Isn’t that fantastic, an inspiration to us all!  He is really keen to learn NLP so I am mentoring him by email and have offered him a sponsorship place on the NLP Practitioner course in January.  He has taken on two extra jobs to pay for his flight.  I am so impressed!
  3. Echuca – We went to Echuca recently for a long weekend with friends, staying in a lovely log cabin overlooking a lake, near the Murray River.  Echuca is a town on the borders of New South Wales and Victoria.  Until recently, there was no gambling allowed in Victoria, so people would travel across the border to be able to gamble in NSW.  In the 1870’s a bridge was built joining Echuca and Moama, but when it was finished, the two towns couldn’t decide who should open the bridge, and came to a stalemate with no one opening the bridge.  After months and months of it sitting there unused, the people took the law into their own hands, took down the closed signs and declared the bridge open themselves! See picture of the weekend below.
  4. Bangkok and the Gold Coast – Last week Garry went to Bangkok working and it was very hot and humid, being the monsoon season.  At times it was very wet also and one morning they arrived at the office to find it partly flooded, and a six foot snake had found it’s way into the office!  They had to call the fire brigade to remove it.  While Garry was there, I went to the Gold Coast with Tracie for a mini retreat. We had a lovely time doing lots of walking, yoga, shopping, eating and Tai Chi on the beach.  One day, I was browsing in a book shop, when a man went up to the counter and said in quite a loud voice ‘do you have any books on sex?’… I thought to myself…’that was rather bold…’ and carried on listening to hear what he said next  (well you would, wouldn’t you…) and that was when I realised he had asked for a book on SNAKES!

Ha ha, that will teach me for earwigging!

We leave Australia on the 24th October and head for Vietnam where we are meeting Rebecca, then on to Thailand where we are meeting up with our friend, Nigel, before the last leg of the journey to Heathrow on the 9th November.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about all our antics and Garry and I are both looking forward to catching up with all our family, friends and colleagues very soon!


Echuca 028 Echuca 026

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