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Have you ever heard of or written a spiritual diary?  I hadn’t until recently when I read an article in Australian Yoga Life.  I  found out that it is different from a normal diary, in that it isn’t about what you have been up to, your thoughts, aspirations and feelings.  This diary is about answering some key questions each day, questions that you have designed for yourself to help you gain more self awareness, do certain things more consistently and stop detrimental habits.

I started mine this week …  it’s so easy to do, and if you would like to join me, here’s how to get started:

Begin with a lovely, fresh, clean notebook (all those with a stationery fetish will know what I mean).  Think about the habits you want to stop, the new habits you want to start, any emotions you want to resolve or feel more often… and begin transforming them into questions.  The questions can be simple ‘Yes/No’ types, ones that call for a quick numerical answer and deeper questions also.

Here are a few of mine:

‘Yes/No’ questions:

Did I read/write something inspiring today?

Did I tell someone I love them today?

Did I practice yoga today?

Did I have fun today?

Numerical questions:

How many times did I have sugar today?

How many times did I procrastinate today?

Deeper questions:

What insights did I gain today?

What did I give to someone else today? (could be anything: time, a laugh, patience, understanding, a muffin…)

Well, I have been doing this exercise every night for a week now and it has really highlighted my sugar habit (like I didn’t know already!)  It’s funny though how writing it down makes you pay more attention to these things, and think twice before having another toffee. It has also made a difference to my very slight tendency to procrastinate I am pleased to say!

Now, the latest research says that it takes up to 40 days of conscious effort to change a habit, so here we go…onwards and upwards, as they say, let’s see what this week brings!

Do let me know how you get on if you decide to start one of your own.


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