Celebrating Unbusy-ness

Having been in Melbourne now for two months, I am sitting in Market Lane, an individual coffee shop with a passion for providing gorgeous coffee that tastes just wonderful – and it doesn’t give my heart palpitations (which is always a result).  And yet…I am feeling guilty.  Hard to identify exactly why, but I think it’s because (and I know this is not true), it appears that the rest of the world is working today…and I’m not.  I have time on my hands to wander around the city, watch the world go by, shop, have coffee etc.  I have bought some coloured gel pens so that I can write (maybe that will make me feel like I am being more industrious).

All of this makes me realise how we become programmed that it is good to be busy, to be productive with our time, to be able to account for our time with what we have produced, and to feel that we haven’t wasted time.   So…I’m now on my second cappuccino (is that bad?).

I keep reframing it for myself by saying it is good to have time to think, to plan, to just ‘be’…but it is more difficult to do than I thought it would be.

I’m writing this post with a turqoise gel pen (why that makes me feel more productive and creative is beyond me too).

When we are too busy, all we want is some time, and yet when we have lots of time, all we want is to be busy again. It’s a paradox. I say ‘we’, I really mean ‘I’.

So, today I have decided to be gloriously un-busy and to not do guilt, as before I know it, this time in sunny Australia will be a distant memory, I will be back at work doing what I love with maybe a different focus, (I’m considering writing a book, have always fantasised about writing one day, and toying with the idea of becoming qualified in Thai Yoga Massage – you see, I can’t help it) – but for now, today, I’m celebrating un-busyness.

I hope you’re having an un-busy day too, and if you’re not, then when can you plan to have a day with absolutely no agenda at all?


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