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Back on British soil after a fabulous nine months away and thank you so much for all your welcome home messages…they are very heartwarming and it feels good to be home. So, now it’s time to catch up with friends and family…and to let you know what’s new for Axiom also.

I am excited to share what I have been learning in Australia so have designed two new courses, one on Mindfulness to help you de-stress and stop worrying, and the other being Yoga meets NLP, to work on the mind/body connection and create a healthy, flexible mind and body. On top of that, the full range of NLP certificated courses start in January also.

And… The Practitioner course in January is very special.  

Axiom is offering a ‘two for one’ scheme, just for this course in January.

Why?  Because of meeting  an inspiring young man called Ebba  –  Ebba runs a radio station in Ethiopia which focuses on helping young people be happier and create happy relationships.  He has made a difference to many young people who find his radio station uplifting, giving them hope and  strategies for a happier life.  Ebba wants to learn NLP to add to his skills and to help him reach more people.  He has done some fantastic projects recently e.g, instead of receiving gifts for his birthday from friends and family, he asked them to give blood instead.  51 people gave blood on his birthday.  Ebba also raised money and gave 1000 homeless people a meal.

Getting to know Ebba and offering him a sponsorship place to come to England to study NLP with Axiom, has inspired me to make the January Practitioner course more easily accessible to more people who help others, by contacting charities and individuals and offering a ‘two for one’ price to them.  If you work for a charity, or volunteer, counsel, coach, teach…or are involved in some way in helping others, you are eligible for the ‘two places for the price of one’ offer.  I would love this course to be full of like minded people who want to learn NLP and at the same time help others with their new knowledge.  The course is full at 10 participants.  This special deal applies only to the 8 day NLP Practitioner course. See below for details of all the courses running in January:



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