We all want to be at our best every day, handling life with confidence and control.
When we have a really good day, we are capable of handling difficult situations calmly, we achieve things we find challenging and we simply feel happier. We are experiencing the benefits of a positive, centred, motivated and courageous state of mind. A bad day might mean just the opposite!
An anchor is a stimulus that creates a physical or emotional response in us. An anchor can be attached to something we hear (the way a tune might remind you of someone you used to know), see or touch, or even a smell or taste (a particular biscuit might be linked to a childhood experience). We have unconsciously learned to react to these stimuli in certain ways – which might be positive or negative, and often it seems we ‘can’t help’ reacting the way we do.
In NLP, creating anchors is all about enhancing, saving and being able to access powerful and valuable states of mind when we need them, and breaking away from old less useful habits. Positive anchors can be used in any situation where we would like a boost of energy, confidence, motivation or well-being. We can also ‘collapse’ old unwanted anchors to less positive states unwittingly created in the past, and choose new ways of thinking and behaving.

How is it done?
  • Your coach will take you through a detailed elicitation of a powerful positive state you have experienced, in order to understand the elements that made it so useful
  • Then you will be guided through re-experiencing that state as if it is happening now, capturing your positive emotions and behaviours
  • With your coach, you will then create a physical (kinaesthetic) anchor which you can use in the future to access that same resourceful state
  • Similarly, your coach can also help you to ‘collapse’ and remove anchors to less resourceful states
What difference might this make to me?
  • You will be able to choose how you react in situations that might previously have been difficult for you
  • You will become more resourceful and in control, letting go of old negative ways of behaving or feeling
  • You will have a way of creating a positive ‘up’ state of mind
  • You will have more control of your emotional state, no matter what is happening externally

Anchoring sessions are fun and empowering. While you might discuss an old, less useful way of reacting and behaving, your coach will only ever help you to re-create and enhance positive experiences to create an anchor.

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