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Axiom Training provides NLP training, NLP coaching and other personal development courses.  Since founding Axiom in 2000, Linda has worked as an inspiring presenter, coach and trainer, both in the UK and internationally.  She has been delivering fully certified NLP trainings since 2004 (accreditation) and also delivers many corporate training courses in the areas of communication flexibility, coaching, influencing and presentation skills.

Linda’s coaching combines NLP and emotional intelligence, with both executive clients and personal clients.  Linda’s profile gives information on how she helps to empower individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their chosen coaching objectives.

A more recent passion is Linda’s desire to concentrate more closely on the mind/body connection.  Working with individuals over the last 12 years she has become even more aware of the impact emotions have on overall productivity and health.  A major influence on long term health is a person’s ability to stay out of the stress response.  There are key ways to achieve this and this is now an additional focus of her coaching and one to one yoga sessions with clients.

She has recently qualified as a Yoga Alliance teacher and where relevant, Linda incorporates this knowledge practically into coaching sessions to enhance body posture and projection of energy, manage stress more effectively,  and enhance other’s perception of you as ‘a leader worth following’.

It is a well researched statistic that 55% of your overall impact comes from the way you use your body.  By integrating her NLP, emotional intelligence, yoga and body awareness knowledge Linda has become a sought after coach for executives and personal clients with a desire to develop a stronger self awareness of their impact on others, whether it be linked to their presentation style, communication style, relationships or leadership style.

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